Road Solutions was set aiming for sustain support for companies which run wind farms construction projects.


The scope of our activities includes mainly:

  • conducting analysis of designed wind farms’ taking into account the possibilities of wind turbines elements’ supplies,
  • conducting with road management accords conditioning oversized transport passage,
  • obtaining relevant documents and surveys,
  • consulting existing investment plans, mainly including logistics inside designed farm and parcel lease for roads ect.,
  • quality supervision over logistics realization,
  • organizational service for oversized transports, mainly permits, civil escort, police escort, road adjustment for oversized transport’s passage.


Each and every activity is leaded by qualified and experienced team and customer is provided with appropriate documents.

The methods introduced in our work will let you:

  • describe the investment development possibilities’,
  • verify existing project plans,
  • estimate the costs of necessary road infrastructure execution together with additional works.

During realization of the project in assembly stage we assure the supervision over transport and quality of logistics service.

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Road solutions

Access road to investment area:
One of the most important matters in investment development is the necessity of ensuring the possibility of supply wind turbine’s elements.

In a scope of our works we offer elaboration of:

  • optimal access possibilities to the wind farm area,
  • analysis indicating the passage route together with adjustment works to be done,
  • estimation of necessary financial costs to be spent on road infrastructure adjustment,
  • documentation of road condition before and after the investment.
  • accords with road management, which are the base for following road and engineering works.

    Our service will let you verify the project accounting for logistics possibilities, describe the financial costs connected with road adjustment and proceed with administration procedure connected with logistics and transport project.

Internal infrastructure:
Internal infrastructure verification for wind farm project executed by Road Solutions encompasses analysis of existing plan accounting for transport and logistics possibilities, conditioned by:

  • exits form public road into internal roads
  • internal roads setup
  • assembly places and its connection with internal roads,
  • parking and maneuvering places for oversized trucks,
  • wind turbines elements’ storage places,
  • parcels ownership law.

Conducted analysis will supply independent and practical valuation of logistics infrastructure project. Indicated solutions will enable make optimal use of roads and secure the supplies and assembly schedule.

Quality supervision over logistics

Taking into account the chain supply and the risk which it bears we run activities, which secure the interests of our customers.

The works in this field includes mainly:

  • direct supervision over loadings, offloadings, reloadings and its documentation,
  • reporting and recording damages, description of its place and way of its appearance
  • verification of transport documentation, necessary for oversized transport passage,
  • advising while subcontractors and equipment matching

Mutual activities will minimize the supply schedule violation risk and facilitate the indemnity procedure in case of damages with proper documentation.

Expertises, elaborations and road surveys

Within conducted works over road and logistics project we organize:

  • water and soil surveys
  • road and bridges expertises,
  • documentation about the technical condition of the road and its surrounding before starting the investment and its accomplishment.

    Additionally we support investors while organizing the necessary documentation for adjustment works.

Oversized transports services

Nasza firma zajmuje się organizacją:

  • permits for oversized elements passage,
  • civil escort,
  • police escort,
  • road and bridges expertises
  • adjustment works, which enables the overized transport passage like construction works, removing vertical and horizontal obstacles: trees, road signs, leveling and unfastening electric cables and city communication traction.
  • heavy elements movement and internal transport,
  • loading, offloading and reloading services,
  • crane and handling operations

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